Why are my hands tingling?

So you work in an office, doing lots of mousing and keyboarding.  You start noticing that you wake up at night with aching or tingling hands, like you’ve slept on them wrong.  You start worrying that you may be developing carpal tunnel syndrome and are dreading the thought of surgery.


It is possible you have thoracic outlet syndrome, a condition caused by the compression of the nerves or blood vessels that feed your arms due to muscle tightness.  Oftentimes, this can be corrected with releasing the muscles in your neck and upper chest.

I have seen many clients come in because of tingling or a dull ache in their hands, especially felt at night.  These symptoms can be carpal tunnel syndrome which is a compression of the median nerve as it passes across the wrist.  However, symptoms are generally felt only in the thumb, index and middle fingers or up the arm to the elbow.  It is a good idea to rule out muscle tightness first because it is much simpler and less invasive than surgery.


A massage provider should do a few muscle movement tests to rule out carpal tunnel syndrome and confirm which muscles may be contributing to the key symptoms.  If muscle tightness is found, the treatment involves releasing muscles in the neck, upper chest and shoulders.  Stretches are given at the end to allow you to continue improving on your own.  It is likely you will need a few treatments to sort out the adhesions and trigger points that may be present.  Afterwards, with regular stretching and possible posture correction, symptoms usually go away entirely.

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