Welcome to our blog posts.  We are a couple with a common obsession: to know all things health-related.  We have a lot to learn but let me share some of our background with you:

Mandi: Trained in massage therapy with a diploma in Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy.  Endless curiosity with a particular fascination for nutrition, health care, and psychology, particularly how it relates to biological response.

Nathan: Trained in massage therapy with a certificate for relaxation massage. Trained in health care and cooking. Also has achieved a black belt in karate and practices a number of martial arts.

We are both avid readers and do online research into subjects relating to our interests.  We present products of our reading and our own opinions but we know that we as a couple and we as a species are nowhere near knowing everything yet.  Remember, the scientific method is based on asking questions and looking for evidence but we must always be ready to adapt our conclusions based on new information.

Current blog categories:

Don’t Panic: A collection of posts based on common fears that I see in my practice, particularly with symptoms people associate with serious conditions that may actually be a result of tight muscles or fascia.

The Athlete and Massage: How various sports and activities can cause pain or make us more susceptible to injury and how massage and homecare can help.

Diseases, Disorders and Massage Therapy: Common (and not-so-common) health issues and conditions, how they affect us and how massage can benefit.

Check in for new blogs and linked articles about massage, sports and life in general.  Please feel free to let us know if there are any specific topics that may interest you.