Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage is a one hour or 90 minute session dedicated to helping you relax and unwind.  Pressure can be modified to your preference but there is usually no specific focus beyond relaxation.  Generally, a full body massage includes neck, back and shoulders, legs and feet, arms and hands with optional face and scalp.  Massage to any area can be omitted based on your preference.

Check back in the future for more relaxation massage specials.

Available session times and prices:

  • 60 minute full body relaxation massage  –  $60
  • 90 minute full body relaxation massage  –  $90

Now available:  Relaxation massage including hydrotherapy

A hydrotherapy massage includes the use of hot towels and hot stones through the treatment to warm muscles and create a deeper relaxation experience.

  • 60 minute hot stone massage – $65
  • 90 minute hot stone massage – $95