Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage session is for treatment of a specific area or areas.  A few minutes at the beginning of the session will be used to go over past injuries or illness that may have contributed to the current pain or dysfunction.  There may be some brief musculoskeletal assessment in order to determine the cause of the condition and a plan will be mapped out to work towards overall improvement.

Massage can be light or deep pressure, modified to your tolerance, but there may be techniques that cause some therapeutic pain for brief stretches.  Communication between client and therapist is very important to keep the massage beneficial.  At the end of the session, activities such as stretching or strengthening may be given for home-care.

Available session times and prices:

  • 45 minute session  –  $50   Book for one or two areas. Ideal  if the focus is just neck and shoulders or a recent muscle strain.


  • 60 minute session  –  $65   Book for two or three areas or deeper focus on one. Ideal for back, shoulders and neck massage or treatment to just legs or arms.


  • 90 minute session  –  $95   More in-depth work to multiple areas. Ideal for more chronic issues or deeper treatments


  • 120 minute session – $125  Deep massage and treatment to full body